We are glad to share an important output of this project: the handbook on Brussels IIa, a practical guide for the application of EU regulation No 2201/2003.

Co-authors are: Prof. Costanza Honorati (University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy), Prof. Cristina Gonzales Beilfuss (University of Barcelona, Spain), Prof. Ivana Kunda (University of Rijeka, Croatia), Dr. Agne Limante (Law Institute of Lithuania, Vilnius, Lithuania), Prof. Carola Ricci (University of Pavia, Italy), Prof. Mirela Zupan (University of Osijek, Croatia), Dr. Georgina Garriga Sau (University of Barcelona, Spain), Dr. Danijela Vrbljanac (University of Rijeka, Croatia), Dr. Marta Tarragona Fenosa (University of Barcelona, Spain), Dr. Maria Alvarez Torné (University of Barcelona, Spain), Prof. Benedetta Ubertazzi (University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy).

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